Friday, February 28, 2014

S.M.A.R.T. Coach Online

What Is Smart Coach Online?

ACG's Smart Coach Online Program will provide you a very cost effective way to Train, Coach, and Consult your Fixed Operations towards 100% service absorption.

Here's how it works.

 ACG is using EBIS software that will enable you to discover numbers that you otherwise would be unable to view. It allows our ACG Performance Coach to Train, Coach, and Consult your Fixed Op's Director, Service Manager, and Service Advisors to obtain "Unrealistic Results" month after month without travel expenses.

 EBIS also performs a Warranty Labor Rate review to see if your in need of an increase based on your Customer Pay repair orders Effective Rate on sequential repair orders. 
Then you can summit the Repair Orders that the software has chosen to your factory representative for the Best Labor Rate Increase. 

So far EBIS has increased hundreds of Dealers Warranty Rates and Thousands of Gross Profit Dollars to the bottom line without having to pull hundreds of Hard Copies. It's all done with a click of a button!   

The EBIS software also allows for "Real Time" rankings and bench marking "On-Line" for Dealerships of the same make and size. It's like a 20 group on steroids every week with a lot more than 20 Dealers participating. This includes Op-Code comparison, Effective Rates, Hrs. Per R.O., Sales Per R.O., Gross Profit %, Labor Sales, and the list goes on.

Here's Some Examples:  

Virtual Performance Group Report

What ever you can think of we can measure, build a report and perform a comparison to see were you rank with the group or within your store. We also have a "What If" analysis and calculation that will show you the "Gross Profit Opportunity" that can be made from a simple change.

We will link Dealers of the same brand to our Virtual Performance Group meetings that will be held "Weekly" and review where each Dealership Ranks in all different areas through a  "Live online Webinar".

The reason these meetings will be held weekly by ACG is so we don't "Wonder what Happened We make things Happen" before the end of the month!

This is not a "Talk About" your numbers meeting it will be an intensive Action Plan building and Review session with Execution! ACG's Performance Coach will provide unlimited Training Webinar's for Parts and Service Departments for all of your employees.

These webinar's will include but not limited to:
  • Pay Plans 
  • Job Descriptions
  • Service Advisor Training
  • Behavior Profiles
  • Service Management Training
  • Parts Management Training
This is just a few of the "Live On-Line Webinar's" we offer so you can achieve your Daily Objectives as well as your monthly and long term Goals.

For a FREE Live Webinar with the Details and Cost of this program: 

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Guy Salkeld is the President and Head Performance Coach of Automotive Consultants Group Inc. The only Low Risk High Return Training, Coaching, and Consulting company in the world! To learn more go to  Have a question? E-Mail Guy directly at or Call me direct at: 305-331-3373    

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