Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Want To Increase Your Technician Productivity?

Measure it Daily! In our sales departments everyday the salesman arrive at the dealership and the first thing they do is go to the "Sales Board" to see who sold what and who is on top! They focus on the "Top" guy for a reason. They want to win! It's natural for us to want to be the best. 

However the majority of the dealers we visit do not measure the Technicians Daily results and post them for all to see. I have installed so many of these boards and to watch the Techs swarm around it each morning is amazing! They too want to be measured and told when there doing good! 

By installing a Performance Board and meeting with them each morning will bring the best out of them and hold them accountable for the results we are trying to achieve. It will also help management to assist the one's who are under performing and provide them with training, tools, or just a daily coach to get them motivated.

Whether you buy a white board or purchase one from a training company make sure you set it up to get the maximum results. I have tried and failed to post all kinds of numbers and found the best practice is to measure Stall Performance Daily. 

The measurement goes like this: Hours Flagged by the Technician each day divided by Hours the Stall is open for business. It's that simple! Each Stall should be at 100% or more and if not why?

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