Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's my Effective Rate?

I facilitate a Virtual Performance Group each month for Dynatron Software and our last months topic was on Effective Rate. We took a look at a group of dealers on a spread sheet and they were ranked based on there Customer Pay Effective Rate.

The Top was at $122, the Average at $95, and the bottom was $69. The dealer group is of the same manufacture however the discrepancy between Top and Bottom is huge. Here's what we found:

  • Top Dealer was at 2.6 HPRO @ 85.1% GP
  • The Average Dealer was at 2.7HPRO @ 79% GP
  • The Bottom Dealer a whopping 4.7HPRO @ 73.8% GP
Now most Dealers I know would rush back to the service department looking for the service manager and say why are we not on the top of this list? I guess at first look and not knowing what to look for he's right however he would be making a big mistake without further review.

Here's 10 items you should look at before making any changes:

  1. What is my Cost of Sale? 
  2. What am I paying my Technicians in Hours for these jobs?
  3. Is my Door Rate competitive within my market area?
  4. Is my Door Rate going to achieve my Gross Profit % Goal?
  5. What am I selling my Maintenance work at per hour?
  6. What am I selling my Repair work at per hour?
  7. Do I need a Grid Pricing structure? Does it need to be adjusted?
  8. Does the Service Advisor's Pay Plan reward what I want repeated?
  9. Is my dispatching structure fair and productive?
  10. What are my Op-Codes charging out?

 The good news is most DMS will have a report to show you your Cost Of Sale, Overall Effective Rate, Individual Effective Rates for Customer Pay, Warranty, and Internal. I use a Try-On Calculator to determine how much I need to adjust my Customer Pay Effective Rate so I keep my Gross Profit % in line.

Here's an example of the Try-On worksheet:

Customer Pay Labor Sales: $287,987.00 / Total Labor Sales: $389,033.00 = 74%

Warranty Labor Sales: $57,546.00 / Total Labor Sales: 389,033.00            = 15%

Internal Labor Sales: $44,369.00 / Total Labor Sales: $389,033.00             = 11%

Now apply the percentage to each labor type:

Customer Pay Effective Rate: 68.76 X Customer Pay Percentage: 74%        = 50.88

Warranty Effective Rate: 80.00 X Warranty Percentage: 15%                      = 12.00

Internal Effective Rate: 65.00 X Internal Percentage: 11%                            = 7.15

                                                                             Overall Effective Rate:   = 70.03

Let's say my cost of sale is $25.00 and I need an Overall Gross Profit of 70%. Here's what I do to determine how much more my Customer Pay Effective needs to go up.

Cost Of Sale: $25.00 / 30% = $83.33 Overall Effective Rate Needed.

Overall Effective Rate Needed: $83.33 minus Actual Overall Effective: $70.03 = $13.30

So I need to increase my Customer Pay Effective rate by $13.30 or sell my customer labor at $82.06 to achieve my Goal of 70% gross profit. Now there are three other options which include reducing Technician Cost, increase your Internal Rate, or ask for a Warranty Increase however if the Warranty rate is already at $80.00 my first action plan would be to increase Customer Pay by at least this amount.

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