Thursday, June 30, 2011

ACG's "Road To The Sale"

How's your selling structure working in your dealership? Do you even have a selling structure for your team to follow? Let me be perfectly clear on what I mean when I say a "Selling Structure."

It's a crystal clear written down process on how to take care of your customers from start to finish every time they visit. It's not a system to sell a customer service or repairs it's a system to allow a customer to purchase based on the relationship we have built with them.

There are a few dealers who have hired a consultant/trainer to teach the service advisors how to sell using word tracks, or gimmicks and they may have moved the needle, however, they can't seem to understand why the CPRO count is dropping but sales have increased????

Remember, if a customer ever feels like they were sold they will not return and tell a lot of people about the experience. If they purchased due to a relationship that was built they will return and tell a few people on what a great place to get your vehicle serviced or repaired.

Here's ACG's "Road to the Sale" Process:

1. Must have an Appointment Process that only accepts three customers per hour, per Service Advisor! This will give them the time needed to spend with each customer to build the relationship!

2. Must have your Daily Action Plan ready for each customer that arrives for there appointment. If your not prepared you will lose the sale. This is a deal breaker when it comes to building a relationship with each customer and being the subject matter expert the customer expects.

3. The Meet and Greet process is the first impression your customer receives upon arrival to the dealership. This process is for Appointments as well as Walk-In's. If your prepared for your customer before they arrive they will feel it and be more open to your advice.

4. I can't say enough about Listening for the "Prime Item" which is the reason the customer is there in the first place. We have two ears and one mouth and if were using our mouth more than our ears, we are not listening to the customer. I've found from experience that assuming becomes a bad habit which leads to service advisors thinking FOR our customers instead of thinking OF them!

5. The Walk-Around Process is the "Glue" to all the other steps in this system. If done correctly, it will allow you to build a Rock Solid Relationship with your customer. Bottom line it's all about TRUST!!!

6. The Service Menu is a must if your going to advise on your customer's service needs. It must be up to date and pricing must reflect your market area. The Service Advisors must know the features and benefits of the menu.

7. The Customer Promise is a review of what is going to be done, what will be inspected, a status call on the progress and a time the vehicle will be completed.

8. Closing the Sale process begins with a review of what the Technician found, an explantion of needed repairs, an estimate if out of warranty and ask for an OK to get started. This last step in the process is a combination of the other seven steps and if followed each and every time you will see the results in your sales per CPRO, CSI, and CPRO count.

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