Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"Revisited" A "Cost Efective" Electronic Multi-Point Inspection Process

I've had a ton of responses to the article I wrote last April-2012 about Electronic Multi-Point Inspections. The number one thing everyone wanted to know is who has the most "Cost Effective" one on the market?

Will it interface with Reynolds and ADP? I have been working with Dynatron Software for over 10 years and they have an MPI program that is web-based, cost effective, and interface's with Reynolds, ADP, and most DMS's on the market.

They have both Reynolds and ADP's "Certificate of Approval" to interface with their software. There is a number of really neat things it does. Here's a copy of the Technician Inspection Report that pops up on their computer:

The Technician receives the repair order and it has the op-code to inspect the vehicle. The Technician goes to the computer and opens up Web-AQ  and enters the R.O. number and inspects the vehicle. Once it's completed they change the status and the parts department is notified.

The parts department checks availability and price of any parts needed then changes the status and alerts the service advisor for review. The advisor reviews the inspection report and is then ready to review the "Vehicle Care Package"  with the customer and it looks like this:

Cover Page/Customer Information

Technician Inspection

Picture of Failed Item with Explanation

Final Cost to Repair/Authorization Form

This is the big difference I have seen. It has 3-4 pages for a customer to review vs. other "MPI" programs which use 8-10 pages of non-sense that wastes paper and a ton of ink that I have witnessed in some dealers.

 Remember most customers are not going to read more than 1-2 pages of what's wrong with their vehicle anyway. They do not want to know "How" a power steering works or the "Specs" on there vehicle the majority of the time.

They do want to "Trust" the Advisor who is taking care of them to advise them on the best option to repair there vehicle.  

Here's a look at the Advisor screen that acts as a live "Route Sheet" to let the Advisor, Technician, or Parts department know what the status is and when to call or find out why the Inspection is not completed. The color coded portion is based on the status of the customers vehicle.

This program also comes with intense Technician and Advisor usage reports which includes Sales, Gross Profits, Declines, who is using the program and a whole lot more. Here's an example:

Advisor Report

Technicians Reports

Marketing Report

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